How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Tea

perfect darjeeling tea taste

Available in all varieties such as black tea, oolong tea, white tea and green tea, Darjeeling tea is well-known as ‘The Champagne of Teas’. This title can be attributed to the famous Darjeeling tea taste, which is somewhat like the Muscat wine. Apart from this, what makes this tea special is its origin, the ‘Queen of Hills’ (another name for Darjeeling). Such specialities have made this tea quite popular among the populous, leading to the growing interest in the process of brewing it the right way.

So, for all those curious souls out there, here is the art of brewing the perfect cup of Darjeeling tea that will help you relish the famed Darjeeling tea taste.

How to Make Darjeeling Tea

In a Cup

1. Find your favourite cup and warm it up by rinsing it with boiling water.
2. Use a single cup infuser and fill it with one teaspoon of your favourite Darjeeling tea leaves.
3. With the infuser inside the cup, pour boiling water into it.
4. Let the tea leaves steep for 5 minutes.
5. Remove the infuser from the cup to find your flavourful Darjeeling tea ready to sip.

In a Tea Pot

1. Boil water in a kettle.
2. Put approximately one teaspoon of tea (or a tablespoon if your tea leaves are larger) for each cup into the teapot along with boiling water.
3. Let it brew for at least 3-5 minutes to release its nutrients.
4. Pour the blend into your favourite cups through a strainer.
5. Sit back and relish the enticing Darjeeling tea!

Few Side Notes to Bring Out the Best Darjeeling Tea Taste

● Leaves need to be brewed longer if you want to use them again for a second cup of the delightful tea.
● Green Darjeeling tea should not be steeped in boiling water, rather when it cools down a bit.

darjeeling tea taste

The Formula to Rightly Brew ‘The Champagne of Teas’

● Steeping right
The use of single cup infusers is preferable as they provide enough room for the tea leaves to expand and release their nourishment. Small infusion balls don’t give us that advantage when we require to make a mouthwatering cup. Better still, brew the tea in a pot to give the leaves plenty of room. Thus, helping the taste and aroma of Muscatel Darjeeling tea to get suffused in the water along with its highly beneficial nutrients.

● Water
The quality of water used to brew is crucial. To ascertain that, the use of filtered unflavoured water is recommended. This ensures that we get to relish the appetising darjeeling tea taste to the fullest.

● Time
Making sure that every cup of tea is brewed for the right amount of time is important. This is because a few minutes more can make your tea bitter while a few minutes less might just keep you away from the rich aroma and flavour of the tea. You can start with 3 minutes of steeping and then vary and find out what time works best for you. This will make sure you get to savour the great darjeeling tea taste that everybody’s after.

● Storage
Make sure Darjeeling tea leaves are stored in a dry cool place in an airtight container to preserve its aroma and flavour. This helps ensure your palate gets to enjoy the robust darjeeling tea taste with every cup that you make.

● Authenticity
Bad quality tea will give you a bad, stale tasting cup. Ensuring authenticity, hence, becomes an essential for tea lovers like us who want to reap everything the mighty Darjeeling tea has in store for us. Buying from a trusted name, like Teafloor, will help you out with this. How? Well, Teafloor’s superior quality vacuum packaging method helps its hand-picked tea stay fresh for long. Thus, catering your appetite for the captivating darjeeling tea taste and its nutrients, days in advance.

● Pouring
The best pouring practice for a warm cup of Darjeeling tea is to rinse the cup or the teapot you are using, with boiling water. This will help ensure the steeped tea stays hot for long after being poured into the cup or teapot. Hence, helping us cherish the darjeeling tea taste for a few extra moments. Also, it is worth noting that it’s the warmth in the tea that adds to the peace we all are after.

All these added together give us the formula for brewing that perfect cup of Darjeeling tea.

Final Notes on What You Get Out of It

What makes Darjeeling tea different is its distinct muscatel aroma and flavour that appeals to almost all tea lovers out there. Along with that, its health benefits are a prime attraction too. A major health benefit comes from the levels of darjeeling tea caffeine, which are almost half of that of coffee. This makes coffee addicts turn to the darjeeling tea caffeine to help stimulate their tired brains. Thus, helping manage the addiction while enjoying the caffeinated darjeeling tea taste. Besides this, its assistance in weight management, improved heart health, healthy hair and skin are other benefits that people take advantage of. Thus, making it the go-to drink for nourishment, flavour and aroma.

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