Suffering From Constipation? Here’re 8 Teas To Help Relieve Constipation

Tea for constipation Relive

Ayurveda, modern experts, and elderly people – all know the secret to a healthy body. It’s a healthy digestive system. Thankfully, there are tons of home remedies, especially teas, to help you out with tummy problems. There’s tea for digestion, tea for bloating, and even tea for constipation. That’s right! You no longer have to […]

Teafloor’s Tea Events: Uniting Tea Lovers with the Right Flavours

Tea Events

It is a serendipitous moment when unplanned tea events result in a beneficial aftereffect. When Teafloor was established, it wasn’t just to sell tea leaves acquired from the most authentic gardens. The true purpose behind Teafloor was to create a platform where people could share their love for tea with each other. We aimed to […]

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