Which Is The Best And Strongest Tea Available In India?


Tea has been consumed since traditional times for two primary purposes – for nourishment and to get rid of that groggy feeling in the mornings. But not every tea has the capability to do these things.

That’s why we are here to help you with a list of the best and strongest teas available in India. And these are not just great for waking you up every morning but also nourishing enough to take your health to the next level.

Before we get on with the list, it’s essential to understand what makes a tea strong. Read on!

What Makes A Tea Strong?

Short answer: the strongest tea in India has an intense amount of nutrients in it.

Let me explain.

First, you need to understand that strong teas, unlike popular belief, are not just teas with more caffeine. With that definition, only black teas will be strong teas.

When we say “strong tea”, it is referring to the condition of the tea, not the whole category. When it comes to tea, we define a strong tea as a tea that contains excessive amounts of nutrition substances released into its infusion.

This means – all you need to do to make any tea strong is to keep its leaves in hot water for a long time. Thus, allowing the tea leaves to seep their nutrients into the drink for you to cherish.

However, most people drink strong teas to enjoy the caffeine. It helps them wake up despite the previous day’s stress, the previous night’s poor sleep, or the following day’s herculean to-do list they need to take care of.

So, in this article, when we mention the term strong teas, we will talk about caffeinated teas.

5 Strongest Teas In India To Wake Up Strong Every Morning


1. Assam breakfast tea

This tea has a tangy flavor with a hint of dates and nuts sweetness, all presented in a robust cup with a medium body and a hint of astringency.

With a rich presence of tannins, this traditional Assam tea is light on the palate and enjoys milk and sugar well. You can enjoy this strong black tea with biscuits or sandwiches while you get to cherish its numerous fantastic health benefits.

Since Assam breakfast tea is born with whole leaf black tea, when brewed in warm water, it has much more nutrients to infuse, than regular tea bags. There are a lot of nutrients in these unbroken leaves. And because they get oxidized enough, they also taste strong.

You can relish the goodness of this tea yourself easily when you incorporate it into your daily diet.

2. Darjeeling Okayti Full Wonder Black tea

Okayti is a small tea plantation that stands as one of the highest in India, at an altitude of a little under 6,500 feet. Its spring black tea seems no less than a work of art.

The Darjeeling Okayti Full Wonder Black tea has a fresh taste and a silky, smooth texture. With every sip, you can feel yourself dreaming away to an idyllic hillside landscape with beautiful flowers all around you.

As this is a black tea, it also carries several health benefits. Being made from whole leaves, you know you’ll get every ounce of nutrients present in it. Plus, the strong flavor is such you won’t forget for years to come.

All you need to do is make it a part of your daily diet, and this is one of the strongest tea in India is bound to make your life better.

3. Special Muscatel Darjeeling Black Tea

It is no secret that this tea belongs to a distinctive class. As the name itself states, it is special. Its distinct aroma and flavor are the most remarkable qualities of Special Muscatel Darjeeling Black Tea.

It has a sweet, fruity, and strong flavor that you are sure to enjoy. Not only does this tea smell and taste good, but it also has a lot of health benefits.

When you drink 2-3 cups of this tea every day, it will help in preserving heart health. Plus, it will help shield you against oxidative damage, which can otherwise cause cancer, weak immunity, and other issues.

4. Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish breakfast tea is the ideal way to start your day. It’s a special blend of Assam and Darjeeling tea that gives every cup a strong flavor and distinctive aroma. It’s perfect for that early morning pick-me-up or to enjoy any time of the day.

It has a strong, full-bodied flavor that you can enjoy with milk to create a creamy and smooth cup of tea. Yet, for those who like their tea strong, this reddish blend is no less than a boon.

5. Giddapahar Darjeeling Oolong Tea

Giddapahar Tea Estate has been producing Darjeeling tea on its beautiful green hills since 1881. This world-famous and unique variety of tea is also produced in the autumn flush, making it one of the most high-end varieties of Darjeeling.

For anyone particular about how they like their tea, Giddapahar Darjeeling Oolong is an incredible option. That’s because it has a lightweight yet assertive flavor that is refreshing.

Being semi-oxidized, this tea is remarkable for those who want a less strong blend than any black tea but, need the flavors more potent than green teas.

Make it a part of your daily diet, and you will soon realize its health benefits as well.

best- Indian-Strongest-Tea

Which Strong Tea Did You Choose?

When it comes to tea, the more you know, the better. With so many different varieties and flavors, it’s great to learn more and try new blends. We hope you enjoyed our article on the 5 strongest tea in India.

Don’t forget to check out our tea store for more information on the best and strongest teas. And share with the community by commenting below, your choice of strong tea!


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