Teafloor’s Tea Events: Uniting Tea Lovers with the Right Flavours

Tea Events

It is a serendipitous moment when unplanned tea events result in a beneficial aftereffect. When Teafloor was established, it wasn’t just to sell tea leaves acquired from the most authentic gardens. The true purpose behind Teafloor was to create a platform where people could share their love for tea with each other. We aimed to acquaint people with the vastly volatile world of tea, how the flavours balance and the journey of the tea leaf from a garden’s bush to the cup of a drinker. We always strive to build a community around the tea culture where people can express their love and fondness for this beverage and share their experience over the perfectly balanced cup of tea.

Every day, the Teafloor family grows. Not just in terms of those who work behind the scenes, but also those who buy their blends from us. Thanks to our active participation in various tea events, we have garnered a loyal audience of tea enthusiasts who actively share their feedback about their best-loved blends.

Tea Events that Help Build a Better Community

There are many kinds of events that we as a brand participate in, and almost all events bear fruitful results which help us connect with various brands and consumers every day. Some of those events include:

  1. Corporate Events

From holding tea tasting sessions in co-working spaces to tea events at co-living communities, we’ve done it all. Our hardworking business development team actively holds tea tasting sessions in corporate companies like Maruti, HCL Technologies, Personiv, Regus etc. Similarly, we’ve had the opportunity of hosting co-working and community living spaces like CoHo, My Awfis, Ideashacks Coworking, WeWork, GoWork etc. It is always an endearing sight when the youth of our corporate sector takes some time out to indulge in our wellness teas, sipping them through conversations.

  1. Tea Festivals

The sight of a festival is always one to behold. The crowd is diverse, the music is mellow and the fragrance of food and beverages adorn the air. Food festivals in India particularly entertain a vast variety of vendors, including tea sellers like Teafloor. Missing out an opportunity to connect with tea lovers at such tea events is never an option for us. This brings us to our experience at fests like Horn Ok Please (JLN, New Delhi), The FLEAstival- Pre Diwali Edit at Cyber Hub (Gurugram) and the LBB x Hot N Spicy Food Fest (DLF Promenade, New Delhi). Not only were these exuberant fests a chance to engage with tea junkies, but also an opportunity to establish relationships with other brands that complement our venture to create a large community around our beloved beverage.

  1. Tea Conventions

Expos and conventions are another world-wide affair that one cannot miss. These tea events not only allow us to meet new brands but also learn from them. Conventions are the best opportunities that come our way to establishing long term relationships with clients. One of our best experiences of Teafloor was at the Toronto Tea Festival in Canada. The chilly month of February 2019 is one that our brand can never forget for this was our first step into the international market. We were not only embraced warmly by the locals, but it also encouraged us to further expand our horizons internationally. This resulted in us participating in The MOSAIC fest in Regina, Canada, that also gave us a chance to represent our culture and country internationally.

  1. Community Tea Festivals

Maybe one of the most basic approaches to building our community of tea lovers is through community tea festivals. Considering India’s vast cultural diversity, there are local fests and exhibitions popping up on the occasion of any and every festival. Embracing community tea events gives us a chance to meet people from all age groups, especially those that run a household successfully. Such events, held in prominent residential societies of Delhi NCR, allow us to not just re-introduce the longtime household favourites like CTCs, but also help us acquaint the local populace with various varieties of teas like green tea, white tea, wellness teas, flavoured teas etc.

Teafloor Tea Events

The Most Loved Brews at Tea Events

As a tea company, it’s against our morals to discriminate against any flavour of tea, but we have to mention the prize winners in terms of our audience’s preferences. It is also to be noted that these popular tea blends were crowned on not just their taste, but also the requirement of the locals in different areas and professions.

Our Wellness tea range, ChaiSpa, was undoubtedly the winner of hearts in corporate events. The corporate sector of India is a tireless and hard-working community, which constantly requires a means to relax and unwind. The stress and fatigue that come with working for a corporation can be dissipated with the help of our various blends in ChaiSpa. For ChaiSpa, this prize-winning moment is a glorious one for it allowed us to better understand the needs of the people these days and how we can further improve our products that tackle day to day life problems.

Through community events that are held in societies, we learnt that Black tea and CTC was the kind of tea that would forever reign the hearts of the locals. Though other types were embraced warmly as well, nothing worked better for these locals than a hot cup of cutting chai or an on-the-go ginger tea.

And then there were the unsurprising winners in our flavoured blends like Lemon Mojito Iced Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea, Aam Panna Iced Tea etc. The feedback on such flavours was astounding even for us, for the locals at conventions and fests were not only impressed by their blending techniques, but also the flavours that combine the grassiness of green tea with that of refreshing flavours like orange, lemon, pineapple, cranberry, strawberry etc.

Our Future Tea Event Participations

Teafloor is on a path of constant growth. As mentioned earlier, we want to build a community of tea lovers and enthusiasts who not only share a love for this brew, but also their knowledge about it. Tea is not just a beverage but a world-renowned culture which has encouraged people to embrace their centuries-old traditions and bring them back in the quirkiest ways possible.

We are constantly organising tea tasting sessions at popular corporates in the NCR region and are also approachable for future collaborations. Let’s walk together in this exploratory journey of the unique ‘life beverage’ we call tea, steep-by-steep.


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