10 Health Benefits of Tea for Older Adults

Medicinal health benefitd of Tea for older adults

Since ancient times, tea has been regarded as a health-promoting beverage. Not just for the average person. Tea has tons of health benefits for older adults, too thanks to its antioxidant properties. These fight the free radicals that can increase aging. Plus, they protect the body from the effects of pollution and aging.

Additionally, tea boosts immunity in older people, uplifts their mood, and maintains their bone density. Let’s talk about these benefits in detail!

Here are 10 health benefits of tea for older adults.

1. Prevents Insomnia

Many studies have shown that older adults suffer from insomnia. And a cup of tea for older adults works wonders with sleeping problems. But drinking teas like lavender and chamomile half an hour before bedtime can be beneficial in dealing with insomnia. All thanks to their relaxing qualities.

Tea also contains less caffeine than coffee. So, if the elder is the coffee lover that’s causing sleep issues, they can easily switch to tea and sleep like a baby.

2. Promotes a healthy heart

Consistent and regular tea consumption by older adults is very beneficial for cardiac protection. Tea contains antioxidants like epigallocatechin gallate that’s very good for older adults who are at risk of heart diseases. Tea also unclogs the arteries and helps smooth the transfer of nutrients and oxygen all through the body.

Green tea, especially, prevents bad cholesterol from oxidation by increasing the capacity of the antioxidants that lower the risk of heart diseases.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Older adults are more likely to suffer from hypertension and it elevates as the person grows older. Hypertension is a serious issue that can cause other health issues.

Drinking tea is good for lowering hypertension. A study has shown that consuming at least one cup of tea a day can reduce the risk of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic Blood Pressure is the pressure in the arteries during the time your heart is beating. Diastolic Blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries as the heart pauses between beats.

4. Protects against osteoporosis

Catechins are a specific compound present in tea (especially white tea), that fight against the cells that cause the deterioration of bones. This way catechins help prevent and heal osteoporosis in older adults.

These catechins fight the free radicals that accelerate osteoporosis.

Tea for older adults

5. Improves mental health and boosts cognition

Many older adults deal with mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and other cognitive diseases. Drinking tea helps in boosting mental health and releases dopamine – the happiness hormone. It helps in reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and keeps the person relaxed.

Drinking tea regularly lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and also reduces the risk of dementia because of the polyphenols and catechins present in it. These polyphenols and catechins regulate the effects of oxidation and modulate the intracellular neuronal signal transduction pathways. (1)

6. Protects against cancer

Polyphenols are the antioxidants present in tea. These antioxidants have cancer-fighting effects. It can slow down the growth of tumor cells for certain types of cancers. (2)

7. Reduces the risk of diabetes

The old aged people are at great risk of getting affected by chronic diseases like diabetes.

The chemical substances called polyphenols are present in tea that reduce the risk of diabetes in older adults. These polyphenols help the cells of the body to keep the blood sugar level in control by helping metabolize glucose. They also keep the insulin hormone in check – the imbalance of which is the primary cause of diabetes.

8. Helps in soothing stress and boosting mood

People in old age are more likely to suffer from mood swings and stress-related issues. It is important to keep them happy and their mood uplifted.

A study shows that people who drink green tea four times or more every day are more likely to have a good mood and less stress. The amino acid L-theanine that is present in green tea seems ideal to uplift the mood. It also reduces the feelings of anxiety by the stimulation of dopamine.

9. Helps in maintaining a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. Because as you grow older, your weight will impact your quality of life, mobility, and overall health.

Drinking green tea along with resistance training (exercises like squats and lunges) leads to lowered weight. It also reduces body fat, metabolic resting rate (the rate at which the body burns calories when it is at complete rest), and waist circumference.

10. Protects teeth

As a person grows, their teeth become weak. But everyone wants perfect healthy teeth with a great smile.

Fortunately for you, tea contains tannins and fluoride that keep teeth plaque-free. Adding unsweetened tea to your everyday routine will help to keep your teeth healthy and give you a sweet smile.

The Bottom Line

Older adult people are in an age group where they require the utmost care.

The cells and bones in their body start deteriorating slowly. The bodily functions tend to slow down and also the growing age affects the mental health and mood of people at this age.

Tea for older adults provides the benefit of antioxidant properties them to look well and feel good. These antioxidants stabilize the free radicals present in the body. Thus, helping the skin, weight, heart, and brain.

So, try to include tea in your daily routine to reap the health benefits of tea that it provides. Want a variety? Visit Teafloor.com.

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