Choosing The Perfect Gift For Tea Lovers

The most meaningful gifts are those which cling to our hearts forever. We never tend to forget these gifts and always keep them near us. Every one of us might have received one such gift which must have managed to keep our fingers crossed for the rest of our life.

Gifts could be simple, with no complexity involved in it, but sure does involve the term ‘choosing.’ We choose the gift for a person based on our likes or their likes, the decision depends on us but mostly it’s the recipient’s like we take into consideration.

In this article we are going to plump some ideas for a class of people who are present in every part of the world – ‘Tea Lovers”.

Tea-lovers are everywhere and there is always a perfect tea-gift for them on all occasions. Gifting them the perfect tea leaves and perfect tea accessory can make all the difference. There are some super awesome, cool and mind blowing gifts for all the tea lovers.

The perfect tea blend

What could be more perfect than giving a tea lover the perfect blend of tea which they would love to sip every morning!!! Buy for them the best quality tea which makes them feel out of the world. There are many varieties of blended tea available in the market which can be purchased directly from the store or can be ordered online.

Tea Mugs

This is a sure legendary gift which cannot be replaced with any other. The specialty of this gift is that it always keeps the person aware of you. When someone drinks tea in the tea mug gifted by you, it surely makes them remember you in every sip.  A perfect gift for every occasion, and can be given to anyone regardless of choice. There are various theme based tea mugs with designs and prints on it available in the market. You can also personalize the mug with your own theme or the picture of the person whom you are going to gift it to.

Hampers and Gift sets

Spoil yourself or one of the special people in your life with Tea Gift Sets & Hampers.  These are designed carefully to make sure it delivers an outstanding tea experience. These are also perfect for any occasions & tend to add class to the art of gifting. These hampers contain a variety of goodies such as different types of teas like masala tea, fruit tea or some other flavored tea with tea cups of various designs and shapes.

The DIY little tea box

Ever guessed of gifting some a “DIY Tea Box”, If not…you should surely gift one. This is a very innovative concept and is has recently hooked around all the tea lovers It comes in the form of a purse or an envelope punch board where you can jet in the magical tea leaves. . You can carry your own tea in the little box set and sip a cup of your favorite tea anytime.

The Organic Tea Collection

This comes with a stunning collection of our best-selling organic teas in elegant and functional air-tight tins. These are one of the best sellers when it comes to gifting tea to the tea-lovers. These organics teas are grown by accomplished tea artisans, producing wholesome luscious teas. The set includes 8 organic whole leaf teas: Sencha Green, English Breakfast, Black Pu’erh, Iron Goddess Oolong, Jasmine Petals, Lights Out, Natural Glow, and Organic Matcha. The full set makes a striking display in any kitchen or breakroom, and provides delicious options for every type of tea lover!

The Green Tea collection

This is a premium set of loose green tea leaves with palate-pleasing flavors. Known for their rich antioxidants, pure green teas are an experience you can savor for their super fine taste. These teas hail from pristine gardens in Japan and China, and come with suggested steeping instructions to help you infuse the perfect cup of naturally sweet, grassy, and floral goodness. This collection contains four large tins of tea in a fun gift-worthy carrier!

The Detox Tea or the seven day cleanse tea

When you are too stressed out and feel the world on top of you…It’s time to detox and cleanse your body. This perfect pack of detox tea packs helps you to relax and rejuvenate from inside by nourishing your body and soul. This 7-day supply of gentle dietary supplement teas will help your body find the balance you’re seeking.  Infact, it is a tasty way to encourage the body’s natural cleansing metabolisms and resistance to stress.

Handwritten Tea Cards

What could be better than expressing your feeling in writing to someone you love. This is a good way to personalize your gifts with a custom note and a handwritten touch! A handwritten note has never been more impactful and appreciated than in today’s digital age. You have to write your message on the tea themed card and you are ready add the perfect personal touch to any gift!

Travel Tea Kit

Now this is something real to kill for! This kit can be gifted to a tea lover cum travel freak or the people who are travelling frequently and would love to make their own tea. This travel tea set allows you to steep premium leaf tea to-go accompanied by a travel tea mug which is generally  paired with a Tuffy Steeper – an expandable silicone tea infuser for easy storage, cleaning, & travel.

Office Tea Essential Gift Set

This gift is thoughtfully put together for someone who loves to have a great cup of tea in the busy office and work environment. The gift set has all the essentials for making the perfect cup of tea. It is a perfect tea survival kit for a busy soul.

A great gift for your boss, colleague or friend.

A Tea Maker

This is a great gift for a tea lover. There are many varieties of tea maker available in the market with different price ranges. You can choose the one which suits your budget. Different tea varietals such as Black, Green, White, and Oolong require exact water temperatures and controlled brew times to allow their unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing. The main advantage of this is that it eliminates the guesswork so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Wine Inspired Teas

This makes a great gift for those hybrids that love both tea and wine. These teas are crafted so they embody the tea that they’re inspired by. You can even go so far as to pair your teas with specific foods, the way you pair wine with food.

Eco Cup

The concept of this gift is based on being environmental friendly. The Eco Cup makes it so you don’t have to use disposable cups, and provides many of the benefits, including portability. It basically is combining a traditional ceramic cup with a lid and a sleeve to keep the tea inside and your hand cool. There’s even a special teapot shaped knob to wrap the tea bag string around.

Teapot Lamp

Take your love of tea to the next level by incorporating a teapot into your living room decor. This teapot lamp features an old style teapot as a base, with a lampshade on top. It somehow works, giving a room a feel of antiquity, while also being very unique and even a conversational piece.

A decorated Chinese Teapot

Chinese teapots are often made of porcelain and are covered in detailed illustrations of scenic landscapes. These tea pots come in a variety of designs and themes, adding a special charm to the tea being served. It brings out the cultural essence of the Chinese tradition. This is a gift which every tea lover would kill for!

Origami Tea Bags

This gift can be really uplifting. In this each tea bag looks like a beautiful origami bird probably looks like a dove. The packaging and design is made exclusively using classic letterpress, silkscreen and stamping techniques.

A sampler Tea set

Let’s admit it, despite the detailed descriptions and reviews, choosing a tea-gift for someone else could prove to be very difficult. And what better way to get them to try and experience different varieties by themselves than with a sampler set. This is a perfect gift for someone who knows not much about teas.

A good way to introduce him/her to the versatility of the beverage.

Tea time Mason jar Gift

This is a superb exciting gift and is surely in trend – A Mason jar gift for the tea lovers in your life. Tea time Mason jar gifts can be customized with whichever products you want to buy as long as they will fit into the jar! It is so much fun to make and give gifts in a jar. You can gather together items that a tea lover would use like a sample pack of tea, a mini jar of honey, shortbread cookies, a mesh tea infuser and baker’s twine.

Tea infused cosmetics

This is gaining trend slowly as people are becoming more diverted towards natural cosmetics. These cosmetics are vegan, organic and cruelty-free and include a collection of hand creams, body butters, lip balms and much more that are all infused with tea. The steeped herbal tea is infused right into the mixtures of ingredients, offering tea lovers a new way to enjoy their favorite blends.

Theme based tea bags

These are available for any occasion which is special to you and your loved ones.

Mother’s day tea bags- “Surprise mom on Mother’s Day with these customized tea tags. She’ll love that you took the extra step of making something personalized for her, and it’s sure to be a big hit if she’s a fan of all things tea.”

X’mas tea bas- “Christmas is near and its time to party. Help the tea lovers get into the holiday spirit this year by making them these Christmas tea bags. Each one can be personalized as you see fit, and even come with its own cover so it looks like a regular tea bag you’d buy in the store.

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