Tea for Monsoon- A Tea Lover’s Guide for the Healthiest Blends this Season

Tea for Monsoon

For me, monsoon is a season that brings about relief after the savage Indian summers. Fluttering with petrichor and nostalgia, this season brings me back to my college days. It was a time when rains were a prominent part of life in the Doon valley and tea was a constant companion. And when the real rainy season hit us, tea for monsoon was the ally to every joy and happiness.

My college was situated between the dip of two valleys on a tiny hill. Surrounded by lush green forests and a tiny cleft between the hills where a river flowed all year round, it was truly a sight. My friends and I have some of the most memorable memories from those days. It was a time when life was simple and our only worry was completing assignments that were due the next day. We would sit in our hostel gardens and sip on our favourite ginger tea as we watched the twinkling lights of Mussoorie city every evening.

However, living in the hills, there was one thing I caught onto quite soon. Monsoon is not just about water cascading to the ground and reviving the life on it. It is a season that can bring about serious water-borne diseases. But, the other thing I learnt there was that tea for monsoon can be the solution for many ailments during the rains.

The Perfect Blends of Tea for Monsoon

The excess of water that suddenly accumulates after the dry spells of summer makes our bodies prone to certain deadly diseases like malaria, viral infections, typhoid, cholera, jaundice etc.

In monsoon, if you are unfortunate enough to catch one of these diseases, then the best solution is to go see a doctor. However, if you wish to prevent these diseases from even coming near you, you can count on tea. I, for one, put my trust in a lot of delicious teas that can help indirectly in the prevention of various health problems.

So, I present to you, my personal favourite blends of tea for monsoon:

1. Bombay Cutting Chai

One of the most popular tea blends from the streets of Bombay. Put together using a selected range of spices like ginger, cardamom and fennel with the finest CTC. Best had with milk and sugar, this tea is enjoyed with small snacks like vada pav, dabeli, samosa etc. It is a beverage that sustains the people of Bombay in their day-to-day hectic life. Plus, it is that constant tea for monsoon that helps the people of Bombay battle heavy rains. And now, thanks to websites like Teafloor, Bombay cutting chai is available in part of the country through online ordering.

2. Kashmiri Kahwa

Made from fine green tea and herbs and spices like almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose petals, this green tea is spicy in nature with a wonderful aroma. It is best enjoyed on a rainy morning with a light breakfast. The refreshing flavour of this tea helps calm the mind, improve digestion and avoid inflammation to internal organs. A must-have green tea for monsoon, this blend is very colourful and it’s anti-bacterial nature keeps you safe from viruses and bacterias. So, if you ever feel a slight sore throat coming about, you can sip on this beverage and soothe your throat.

3. Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi is a medicinal herb that has been a cure for many ailments in our country for centuries. An ancient ayurvedic remedy, tulsi pairs extremely well with green tea. The blend of tulsi and green tea amplifies the qualities of both the ingredients, making it a potent beverage to have on a gloomy rainy day. It can help by calming the stomach and oesophagus in case of acid reflux and can help regulate metabolic rate and blood sugar. Not only this, tulsi green tea for monsoon can help in reducing psychological stress which can come with this moody season.

4. Mint Green Tea

The fresh and sweet flavour of peppermint blended to perfection with premium quality green tea. This is the only tea you need for any moment in the rain. Whether it’s to stay warm or cool this season, Mint green tea is the answer. A great cup for a humid day, this tea can soothe that grim feeling in your stomach that happens often during monsoons. Plus, it also helps in preventing weak bones, gastro-intestinal ailments and can aid relieve heartburn. So, on a day when the damp weather isn’t letting you have a peaceful mood, just sip on some Mint green tea.

5. Ginger Chai

Back in college days, one of my favourite hobbies was dancing in the rain. I just couldn’t resist a good heavy downpour, which happened almost every fifteen days in Dehradun. However, I wouldn’t fall sick that often. I owe that to this spicey yet sweet tea which my roommate would make for me every time I pulled stunts like these. The perfect tea for monsoon, it is a constant companion for everyone. It helps refresh your senses and relaxes you after a really hectic day. Not only this but just a cup of ginger tea during a busy day can get you going.

If I had access to such knowledge on tea back in college, I doubt I would have fallen sick as often as I did. However now, almost two years and multiple books on tea later, I indulge in various varieties of teas. They are a delicious delight to anyone who is a fan of its taste. Plus, it comes with the added benefit of keeping sickness at bay. A collection of tea for monsoon season is a must for a tea enthusiast like me. So now, whenever the sun hides behind those grey clouds and tiny droplets of rain begin falling to the ground, I happily make myself a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery.

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