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benefits of tea

When Thinking About Beauty, Do You Ever Think of Tea?

“My fitness journey will be a lifelong journey” says Khloe Kardashian an American television socialite, model and television personality.

For some of us who consider beauty and fitness an important part of our lives, idealizing models or film stars or as a matter of fact, anyone with a good body and a pretty face, is a common thing. Trying to be like them might seem a very tedious task and also might seem impossible. However, pushing our body off limits is not the only step to a healthy lifestyle. To initially begin with, there can always be some easy steps that we can take to move towards it. The easiest solution that we bring to you is your very own cup of tea.

When you hear the word tea, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It can be simply just a habit, a source of refreshment or something that relaxes our mind or makes us feel better. However, there is another aspect of drinking tea that most of us fail to throw light upon. It is, Beauty Benefits, YES, you heard that right, drinking tea can make you prettier. This ages old drink has to capability to keep your skin from ageing. So, instead of spending a lot of time and convincing your mind to follow a diet schedule that’s not easy, or applying a lot of cosmetic products on your skin, just sip a cup of your favorite healthy drink.

Super model, Miranda Kerr, is all about making sure you take a couple of minutes to relax, unwind, and enjoy with a cup of tea. Jessica Richards, the owner of a famous boutique in Brooklyn, Shen says, “Beauty tea is the next wave” She states so because of the beauty benefits that a cup of tea can add to a person’s life. This is the kind of value that tea holds in the life of people that believe in making the most of their time that they have and improve their own health.

The benefits of tea begin from adding shine to your hair to soothing sun burns, minimizing bug bites and moisturizing dry skin, it can do a lot for your body. Tea in itself comes in a number of forms like green, white and black and their own benefits. Some of which if we inculcate in our lives, will only act be adding good value to our health.

benefits of tea

Let’s See How Tea Can Make You Fitter And Better

  • Keeping the traditional sweetened cup of tea aside, if we start talking about Green Tea, it can do a lot for you other than helping you to reduce your belly fat. A cup of rose green tea loaded with antioxidants will improve your physical performance, dental health and help you live longer.
  • Next in line is Earl Grey Black Tea, a precursor to vitamin A, if applied to our face, can clear acne, reduce dark circles, prevents tooth decay, other gum diseases and minimizes puffiness. So, if you don’t feel like consuming the unsweetened form of Black Tea, just spread some of it on your face.
  • Similarly, White Tea sourced from plants rich with nutrients, too plays a very important role in leading us to a healthy lifestyle. The one desirable benefit of white tea is that it will reduce your sugar cravings without adding on to our calorie intake. Its anti-bacterial ingredients will have a control on your ageing skin, reduce sagging and give you the kind of skin you’ve always wanted. So just when you think you’ve started ageing, tell yourself that it’s time to drink
  • Also, Rooibos or Red tea, a caffeine free alternative is one of the solutions to control ageing skin.
  • Last but not the least, Oolong Tea has its own benefits. It can be used as an energy drink before going for a log jog or even to a gym. The minimum amount of caffeine present in that keeps your mind activated and energizes your body. This energy giving drink can always be a companion to those who love to exercise.

Benefits of Tea

Other than these, there are some other benefits of tea like clearer skin complexion, natural skin toner, hair growth, enhancing hair color and adding gloss to your scalp and dry skin. All this however, cannot be done just by drinking tea. It can be made possible by mixing the loose form of tea with some other ingredients like honey, turmeric powder or even with just lukewarm water. Mixing used tea bags with some amount of honey and applying it on your skin will not only give you clearer skin but will also save you from using any harmful chemicals on your skin in the form of beauty cosmetics.

When it comes to hair, let’s be honest, we put them through a lot every day. From dusk to scorching heat our hair our hair have to go through it all. Therefore, mixing some amount of tea with your shampoo is nothing but a healthy alternative to keep your hair shiny and thick as they are. This is not enough, finding these natural remedies to look better will also help you save the extra money that you’d spend on any other costly hair spa or skin facials.

After reading all these benefits of tea, we all must agree to this one famous Japanese proverb “If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.” Tea in any form always makes us feel better, freshens our mind and takes us closer to truth, beauty on the other hand goes hand in hand with a cup of tea. It might not be the only solution to all the fitness needs but it can definitely make things easier and help you meet a new version of yourself. So the next time you compare yourself to someone with a fit body, don’t underestimate yourself and just happily sip a cup of tea.

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