Vice Presidential Candidate May Drop Out Of Election

New speculation from a journalist claims that Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld will drop out of the election race and endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

The Political Insider reported: The Libertarian Party is having an impressive year, with presidential candidate Gary Johnson close to polling well enough to be in national presidential debates. Johnson, with 9% support nationally, is higher than Texas businessman Ross Perot’s 8% poll number when he was invited into the presidential debate in September 1992.

Now, famous journalist Carl Berstein is speculating that Johnson’s VP running mate Bill Weld is ready to drop out of the race and endorse Hillary Clinton for President. Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, has been supported by Mitt Romney. And his dropping out would be a crushing blow – and probably the end – of the Libertarian Party’s efforts in the 2016 presidential race.