Reporter and anchor killed by roadside bomb in Mosul

Shifa gardi holds in her hands a wounded rabbit she rescued in Mosul while she was covering the offesnive in February.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –Rudaw reporter and anchor Shifa Gardi who was reporting on the heavy clashes between the advancing Iraqi forces and the ISIS militants was killed by  a roadside bomb  in Mosul on Saturday afternoon, and her cameraman Younis Mustafa injured in the same attack.
A statement from Rudaw Media Network to be found below.
She was presenting a daily special program on the Mosul offensive on Rudaw TV, and has recently started to cover the unfolding war from inside Mosul.
On February 21, while she was covering the war, she came across and eventually saved a wounded rabbit anxiously searching for refuge from the scourge of battle for the remaining right bank of ISIS’ stronghold in Mosul.
“I encountered an injured rabbit in the village of Albu Saif which was liberated yesterday evening,” Gardi told Rudaw as she returned to Rudaw’s newsroom,  “The rabbit is suffering from malnutrition which has caused visible damage to its face.”
“I brought it back with me. We will be treating the rabbit and then give it to an animal protection agency which is willing to look after it.”
She was reporting on the war on Sunday in different parts of western half of Mosul where Iraqi forces have launched a fresh offensive about a week ago to reclaim the last major stronghold of the ISIS group.
People have fled from ISIS by bus on the right side of the city, Gardi reported
“Five buses, fraught with people, including a majority of women and children have run away,” she said, “Their situation is miserable and have left everything,” said added aboard one such bus.

“There were only women and children with some men and juveniles. After they undergo investigations making sure that they have not helped ISIS militants, they will be allowed to take shelter at refugee camps.”

Shifa Zikri Ibrahim, also known as Shifa Gardi, was born a refugee in Iran on 1 July 1986. She was a graduate of media department from Salahaddin University in Erbil. She started her media career in 2006, and joined Rudaw Media Network since the beginning of its foundation.

Statement from Rudaw Media Network
Rudaw’s segment presenter, chief of output, and wartime journalist was killed on Saturday in a roadside bomb explosion in Mosul, while covering war developments of the renewed offensive to liberate the right bank of the last major urban stronghold still held by ISIS in Iraq. Her camera man was also wounded.
Shifa Gardi was one of Rudaw’s most daring journalists. She was known as a renowned skilled journalist in Kurdish news media, and brought outstanding coverage to Rudaw TV right from the beginning of its establishment.
She was a segment presenter in Rudaw, covering Focus Mosul program which she started to run when the operation to drive ISIS from Iraq was launched in October 2016.
Rudaw is deeply saddened to pronounce the death of its courageous wartime journalist and media star in the Kurdistan Region.

In the name of Rudaw Media Network, we convey our most sincere and most profound condolences to the family and friends of Ms Gardi and to our team worldwide, and we wish a speedy recovery to the wounded Rudaw journalist Yunis Mustafa.



Falah Mustafa, head of Department of Foreign Relations of Kurdistan Regional Government described Gardi as a “role model to young women” in Kurdistan Region.


Source: Rudaw