Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised the restoration of bilateral relations after months of crisis, but Russia warned that provides ” hard work ” to rebuild economic cooperation with Turkey. This meeting comes after reconciliation announced in late June, after Erdogan sent a letter of apology to Putin (asking ” forgiveness ” according to Moscow ) by shooting down a fighter plane Russian by Turkish aircraft in November last close the border with Syria.

Russia then took retaliatory economic measures . According to Russian statistics, trade fell 43 percent to 6.1 billion dollars between January and May this year.


“The trend is very sad. We have a difficult to rebuild the economic and trade cooperation work ,” Putin said at a press conference with Erdogan. ” This process was already launched , but it will take a while ,” he said . It is the first foreign visit of the Turkish leader after the failed coup of July 15 .

“We believe that Russian- Turkish relations are going to become even more robust ,” Erdogan for his part estimated . The Russian president had declared that this visit represented ” a new stage, start from scratch ,” noting that relations between Moscow and Ankara enter a ” totally different ” phase and considered that “solidarity” between the two countries contributes to solve the problems in the region.

The restoration of relations could revive the TurkStream pipeline project, which will supply 31,500 million cubic meters of Russian gas per year to Turkey and the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. The pipeline project between Russia and Turkey “will be performed as quickly as possible,” said the Turkish president Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Russian President estimated that the construction of the pipeline destined for the Turkish domestic market could begin “very soon”, but stressed that the completion of the route intended for supply to the European Union (EU) will depend on the guarantees deliver Brussels.

Meanwhile, the president decided to leave for the end the most complex issue, the war in Syria. While Erdogan has always insisted on the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to which Moscow is strongly opposed, the Turkish president acknowledged the crucial role of the Russians in advance of conflict. “Our views on the Syrian problem does not always coincide (…) but we have a common goal, to fix the Syrian crisis (…) and we will find a common solution that is acceptable to everyone” Putin explained.