After Poll Exposes DEMOCRATS LIES … America Demands THIS NEW LAW

KIRSTERS BAISH| It always seems that the only group making real changes is the Republican Party. In recent months, Republican lawmakers have been working on a bill that could change the way America deals with illegal aliens. They have been working on pushing a bill through Congress that if enacted would create and enforce much tougher penalties for returning illegal aliens who have already been deported once. A new poll shows damning evidence that the American people are in adamant support of the bill. This could be a game changer for the United States of America. With our growing population of criminals and miscreants it’s time that we look to the source of the problem. Now, I’m not saying that all immigrants are criminals by any means, but statistics have proven that with the influx of illegal aliens in the United States our crime rate has significantly grown.

The bill, Kate’s Law, was passed by the House of Representatives on June 29th. The problem is that Senate Democrats have made threats to do anything they possibly can to get in the way of the bill’s final approval. Their argument was that the American citizens didn’t agree with it. Well, they were sadly mistaken.

The results of a brand-new Rasmussen poll prove that the Senate Democrats are just talking out of their asses. Their assumptions about what the American people “want” couldn’t be more wrong. The poll found that 63 percent of Americans are indeed in favor of increased criminal penalties for repeat offenders of illegal immigration to the United States. (If we kicked them out once you would think that they would get the idea that we didn’t want them here…)