A Festive Delight- Raksha Bandhan Gifts By Teafloor

Raksha Bandhan Gifts by Teafloor

The significance of Raksha Bandhan as a festival has become far more important than it was ever before. India today is more urbanised, with nuclear families. Therefore, festivals like Raksha Bandhan give families a chance to get together and celebrate relationships that bind us together and are greater than any love. A Sanskrit word, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ literally translates to ‘the bond of protection, obligation or care.’ It is during such festivals that people begin to look out for the perfect present for their siblings. We, at Teafloor, have just the right Raksha Bandhan gifts in store, that are embued with wellness and flavourful teas for every taste.

Popularly known as Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan is one of the grandest festivals of the year. It celebrates the everlasting bond of love shared between brothers and sisters. A celebration that is invariably marked with joyous and extraordinary moments, this religious event brings together siblings, no matter where they are in the world. The essential ritual of Raksha Bandhan is the tying of the sacred thread, or Rakhi, around the brother’s wrist by his sister. A ritual that is considered to bring prosperity to the relationship, this Hindu festival reinforces the traditional values of the family. Generally, this ritual is followed by exchanging of gifts. The brothers in return give their sisters Raksha Bandhan gifts. The completion of this ritual ends with a promise that the brother will always take care of their sister and protect them from life’s troubles.

Why Choose Wellness Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Your Siblings?

Raksha Bandhan is one festival that fortifies the trust and faith between siblings through such beautiful gestures. The rituals associated with this festival have spread beyond their traditional regions and transformed through technology, migration, the entertainment industry and social interaction. It isn’t just limited to your blood-related kin, but also those who you voluntarily choose to call your brothers and sisters.

As tradition is, Raksha Bandhan requires the expression of eternal feelings with beautiful and well-thought gestures of gifts or presents. And as times change, and people’s lifestyles evolve, Raksha Bandhan gifts are required to be not just pretty little things, but gifts that add value to one’s life. Teafloor’s Raksha Bandhan gifts come in a variety of options, with flavours of tea and accessories that will leave an everlasting impression on your sibling.

Raksha Bandhan Gifts

1. Raksha Bandhan Gifts for the Fitness Lovers

If you are someone whose sibling is a fitness buff, then these teas are the perfect Raksha Bandhan gifts for them. Go in for the right wellness or green tea that will aid in their extensive workout routine. Tea blends like ChaiSpa’s Spoorti, Lemon Green tea and ChaiSpa’s Urja, are few of the many that can help with weight management. A cup before or after a workout session can not only energise the body but also keep it hydrated.

2. Raksha Bandhan Gifts for the Caffeine Devotees

Everyone has that one sister in the family who functions only on caffeine. Choose to gift your sister a little extra dose of caffeine with our versatile Black teas. Enriched with just the right amount of caffeine, our black teas are sourced from the exclusive gardens of Darjeeling and Assam. With varieties like English Breakfast, Gopaldhara Special Black tea, Irish Breakfast, etc. we promise you that your sister will not be disappointed with your gift. This season, chose Raksha Bandhan gifts that help her stay focused and make her extra sparkly.

3. Raksha Bandhan Gifts for those Who Have a Sweet Tooth

We all adore our siblings, especially those who fancy a sweet treat every once in a while. Maybe even too often. However, instead of gifting your sister sugar-loaded Raksha Bandhan gifts like chocolates or cookies, choose to gift her a healthful sweet tea. Teafloor’s variety of naturally sweet and aromatic tea flavours like Strawberry Rush Tisane, Zesty Orange Green tea, Lemon Mojito Green Tea, Aam Panna Iced tea, etc. are sure to impress. These tea blends are not only alluring for those with a sweet tooth but also beneficial for their health.

4. Raksha Bandhan Gifts for those Who Like it Fancy

Maybe everyone has that one sibling who is into fancy things, just for the sake of it. Some sisters like exotic items, whether they are meant to be eaten, drunk or decorated. For the ones who prefer extravagant gifts that signify a certain standard and prestige, opt for Green and Black tea blends from the renowned estates of India. With pure tea leaves from celebrates estates of Darjeeling, Assam and North East India, we assure you that your exorbitant Raksha Bandhan gifts are sure to excite your siblings.

5. Raksha Bandhan Gifts for those Who Like Tea with a Spot of Milk

When we talk about tea in India, it is quite difficult to imagine a cup without milk in it. In our country, tea is the national solution for every headache. Thanks to this dedicated love for tea, we specialise in a range of CTC blends. Blends like Kadak Masala Mantra, Bombay Cutting, Kadak Ginger tea, etc. are sure to make the perfect Raksha Bandhan gifts for your siblings. Whether your sisters prefer their afternoon tea with a spot of milk or kadak with a heavy snap of milk and cream, you can choose from our vast selection for you.

6. Raksha Bandhan Gifts for those who love a Vareity

Choosing one blend from a wide range of blends for your sisters can get confusing. Plus, gifting just one single blend can seem a bit boring. However, there is a solution for that as well. Just head onto our gifting section and choose the perfect Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister. With prime quality gift boxes in our store, that come along with tiny tea trinkets, you can choose to gift any of our assortments. Few of these gift boxes include Tha Magic Shots, The Chamber of Secrets and The Paradise Combo.

Raksha Bandhan is all about promising to protect your sisters. However, times have changed. Unlike the older days, the threats of today are much different. Whether it’s infectious diseases or unhealthy lifestyles, you can choose to protect your siblings from an array of problems in life. And while you do that, you can treat them to some of the most exotic and delicious brews in town. By choosing our Raksha Bandhan gifts, you choose to take care of your sibling’s body, because that’s the only place they have to live in.

In other respect, there is one thing that is certain. Tea is a beverage that unites us all. It allows us to set aside our differences and enjoy quality time together. You can let go of those tiny grudges on such festivals, sit together and relax with your siblings. So, this Raksha Bandhan, don’t choose to just impress but also express your love with Teafloor’s Raksha Bandhan gifts.

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