Health Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Green Tea

The Health Benefits of Green Tea are surprisingly enumerable. It is your best friend when it comes to health, and consuming it daily will bring wonders to your health.

Green tea has many health benefits, which may include :

  • Such as reducing blood pressure.
  • Boosting immunity.
  • Detoxifying your body
  • The primary one, however, is weight loss.

Want to know more about the health benefits of green tea, how green tea for weight loss can be a boon, and the best green teas for weight loss? Read on!

Green Tea Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

1. Better Brain Function

Caffeine in green tea is enough to impact the brain. It does so by stopping the effect of the neurotransmitter adenosine. Adenosine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Caffeine boosts cell activity and neurotransmitter concentrations like dopamine and norepinephrine in this way. This brain stimulation has been shown to improve mood, concentration, memory, and reaction time. (1)

Green tea contains more than just caffeine to help your brain. L-theanine is also in it.

L-theanine is an amino acid that boosts the action of GABA, an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter. (2)

You’re more likely to avoid neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and dementia if you consume green tea regularly. You must take advantage of the L-theanine and caffeine, as well as antioxidants it has, that aid in dopamine generation. (3)

And don’t forget, the green tea flavor is such that it is bound to help you be happy – a must for better brain function.

2. Protection Against Cancer

Some studies suggest that women can reduce their risk of having breast cancer by 20% at least if they form a habit of drinking green tea regularly. (4)

Other studies found similar results for colorectal and prostate cancer. (5)

But how does green tea work in preventing cancer? The answer is antioxidants. Polyphenols, catechins, and compounds like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) help fight oxidative damage done by free radicals.
Their damage can lead to chronic inflammation, one of the primary causes of cancer.

3. Preventing Diseases and Increasing Life

These days lifestyle diseases like cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes have been haunting us all. Thankfully, one of the best green tea benefits is its catechin content which works to manage or prevent all these.

We have already talked about how it’s good to prevent cancer and degenerative disease like dementia. But some studies show it’s also great against chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

According to these studies, green tea’s compounds can help block the TNF-alpha gene – the central mediator in such diseases. (6)

Research also suggests a reduction of 31% In the risk of cardiovascular disease in people who drink green tea regularly. (7)

Apart from these green tea benefits, another crucial benefit is that it helps burn body fat and reduces weight. There are many active compounds in green tea, which help to boost the effect of fat-burning enzymes in the body.

Inhibiting an enzyme that causes the breakdown of the norepinephrine hormone is the most significant function of EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant. There is an increase in norepinephrine production when this enzyme gets inhibited. (8)

Fat cells respond to this hormone by breaking down fat when it signals them to do so.

Green tea also has caffeine, which has a synergistic effect with EGCG.

Green Tea for Weight Loss Supplements

Green tea is present in almost all commercial weight loss supplements that people usually consume with pre-workout or post-workout foods. It’s because green tea burns more fat during exercise.

Green tea selectively boosts fat burning, which may lead to reduced body fat in the long term. It can boost metabolism and help people burn about 3-4% more calories each day.

Another way it prevents fat gain is by reducing the appetite of the person. This naturally makes the body take fewer calories. Overall, drinking green tea helps to balance calorie intake and calorie burning. (9)

Need more proof of how green tea for weight loss is effective?

Japan has an island called Okinawa, according to a well-known self-improvement book — Ikigai. The astonishing thing about Okinawa is that there are 24.55 people over 100 for every 100,000 residents. This figure is a far cry from the global average.

Why am I telling you about this? Because obesity is uncommon in Okinawa. And their regular consumption of green tea is the key.

Green Tea Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially Harmful Abdominal Fat

Green tea benefits as a good fat burner by not only reducing appetite but increasing fat burning.

The best part is the loss of abdominal fat, which tends to be tough to get rid of.

In a study done on 118 Chinese adults for 12 weeks, those who drank green tea regularly didn’t only lose weight but the visceral fat in their abdomen as well. (10)

No wonder many dietitians recommend green tea to their patients to speed up the process of weight loss.

The primary benefit of green tea for weight loss is the caffeine in it.

This amount of caffeine is sufficient to act as a stimulant during exercise and keep a person active enough to work out more. It’s not high enough to give jitters like black tea or coffee and not as low as white tea or herbal tea, where you hardly can take advantage of it.

Best Green Teas For Weight Loss

Which green tea is best for weight loss depends on where it comes from, how organically it’s grown, added ingredients, and many other factors. For the best benefits of green tea for weight loss, you can choose one of these:

  1. Mint Green tea
  2. Darjeeling Organic Leaf Green Tea
  3. Spoorti.(Special Weight Management Tea with Green tea + Orange zest, kokum flower, and blueberry)

So are you ready to enjoy the health benefits of green tea for weight loss and get a super-toned body?

Buy green tea online with Teafloor today. We have some of the best green teas for weight loss in different flavors, magical aromas, and tons of health benefits to enjoy.


1. What is green tea?

Like most teas, green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Its origins were in China probably 4000 years ago for therapeutic purposes. These days production is widespread throughout Asia. The processing procedure distinguishes it from teas like black and oolong tea. Green tea retains most of its nutritional content since it is not as heavily oxidized as these teas.

2. Does green tea have caffeine?

Yes, green tea has caffeine. The amount of caffeine is significantly less, though, considering green tea is NOT fermented, unlike most other teas coming from the same plant.

3. Is green tea full of caffeine?

A cup of green tea has 29.4 mg of caffeine, according to the US Department of Agriculture. It’s far less than a cup of coffee. The caffeine content in a 240g cup of ordinary coffee is 96 mg. (11, 12)

4. Is green tea good for weight loss?

Yes. It reduces appetite due to its hydrating nature. Also, catechins like EGCG help increase metabolism. Caffeine provides you energy to work out, and its relaxing nature helps you recover from your workouts with proper sleep.

5. What is green tea flavor?

Green tea without any added flavors is usually bittersweet and vegetal in taste. However, you can cherish green tea flavor that is sweet, minty, floral, or fruity. All you need to do is choose from the different varieties like the ones we have here at Teafloor.

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