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Digestion & Bloating Relief

Historically many herbs have been utilized to aid digestion, nausea, bloating or gas relief.
Black Limón
Bright and citrusy with a malty, graham cracker finish.
Item No.: OBLCBS15-CS
15 CT
Black Limón
An elevated take on a classic. Bold and brisk black tea with zesty, fermented limón citrus.
Item No.: OBLFSTB50-CS
50 CT
Dandelion Detox
Roasted dandelion root provides a bittersweet cacao profile, which is enriched with fermented Pu'er and oolong teas. Saigon cinnamon simmers with sweetness, while lemon provides cleansing balance. Finishes with uplifting hints of rose geranium.
Item No.: ODD-OP
$46.00 Out of stock
Enlivening heat with a bright, spicy lemony aroma
Item No.: OGING-OP
Ginger Geranium
Item No.: OGGTB-SA
Jasmine Green Tea
Fresh and soothing green tea scented with the enchanting aroma of jasmine blossoms
Item No.: OJT-OP
$42.00 Out of stock

BLACK LEMON - A Traditional Digestive Aid

Black lemon has the reputation as a colon cleanser and major digestive aid. This fruit is also said to reduce toxins in the liver and intestinal tract.

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Jasmine Green
Fresh green tea traditionally scented with enchanting jasmine blossoms.
15 CT
Jasmine Pearls
Tender tea leaves, hand-rolled and deeply infused with the sweet aroma of jasmine blossoms.
Item No.: EUJP250-RP
Kurokoji Slimmer
Fantastic aromas evoking plum, raisin, and Port wine.
Item No.: OKSCBS15-CS
Lemon Ginger
Refreshing citrus and zesty spicy ginger with tropical hints of juicy mango and turmeric.
Item No.: OLG-OP
Lemon Turmeric
A zesty, punchy blend highlighting whole dried lemons, turmeric and black pepper with the grounding flavors of cardamom and eucalyptus.
Item No.: OLTTB35-CS
Matcha Ginger Buzz
This brain tonic energizes deeply with uplifting Matcha green tea and a zesty buzz of ginger, with fragrant peaks of rosemary and yuzu citrus.
Item No.: OMGB250-RP