Here’s How Green Tea Benefits your Sleep

How Green Tea Benefits your Sleep

Over the years, Green Tea has always been known for its power to refresh the body and keep the mind alert. Irrespective of what part of the day or the number of times it is being consumed, it will certainly have a positive effect on the body and mind. However, along with this benefit of Green Tea, people also believe that drinking tea before sleep disturb their sleeping pattern. Luckily, this fact is just a myth. Instead, if consumed before going to bed, it is one of the best solutions for you if you suffer from insomnia, stress or anxiety. Yes, it’s true, among the bundle of Green Tea benefits, this one is like a natural remedy to a very common problem- sleeplessness.

The reasons why one should drink Green Tea before sleeping are not just limited to proper sleeping patterns. There are a lot more benefits that you can enjoy if you make this an everyday offer.

Here’s is a list of some Green Tea Benefits

  1. Regulates Blood Sugar Level : At night, when you are asleep, the blood sugar level of your body increases due to an increase in the production of cortisol (a steroid hormone which transports blood in the body), and decrease in the production of melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep). However, if you consume green tea, a specific component called polyphenol is regulated in the body which helps to absorb the added glucose production while you are deeply asleep. This is just a small aspect of green tea benefits. There is a lot more that it can do for your body.
  2. Soothes your Nerves: As we know that green tea contains a bit of caffeine, and you might like to believe that it is something that will keep you awake at night. However, in reality it is ineffective in keeping you awake because of the presence of other components of green tea that help in soothing your nerves. The component responsible for this is amino acid L-theanine. It will not only help you get a good sleep, but will also make you feel good when you wake up.
  3. Helps You Live Longer : The origin of green tea benefits roots to East Asia where it was produced for the first time and has been used as a medicinal supplement since then. It is also believed that people living on this side of the Earth live longer and healthier lives. It is so because green tea improves metabolism and helps to prevent a number of diseases. A survey proves that the chances of having a heart disease is reduced by 20-30% for those who consume green tea on daily basis.
  4. Green Tea Boosts Your Metabolism : It is medically not advised to eat a heavy dinner. It is so because then it becomes hard for the body to burn calories while you sleep. Since the body is physically inactive while you sleep, this adds to the reasons for decreased rate in metabolism. Also, as we grow older, the metabolism rate becomes slow even when you are physically active. However, just a simple habit of drinking green tea before sleeping will keep you away from such situations.
  5. Green Tea Cleanses Your Mouth and Fights Tooth Decay : Bad breath and oral health problems are usually caused by the growth of inflammatory and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Considering people’s eating habits, brushing teeth twice a day might just not be enough. However, a cup of green tea at night can put an end to this problem. Green tea contains catechins, an agent that controls the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. They also fight infections and act as anti-inflammatory agents. Adding a squeeze of lemon to your cup of tea is always a good idea because citrus makes catechins easier to absorb. Various studies have proven that green tea can also help boost the health of your teeth and gums.
  6. Helps You Lose Weight : Thermogenic properties present in green tea help the body to increase fat-burning. Drinking a single cup of green tea at night is the best way to promote your weight loss and boost metabolism. According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea has shown to increase the fat-burning metabolism by 4%. Also, it keeps your blood sugar level and hunger hormones in check, thus decreasing your appetite for junk food. Another good thing about consuming green tea at night is that it helps with digestion.

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