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Herb Lab Limited Release Botanical Blends

Herb Lab Limited Release Botanical Blends

Each time we create a new Herb Lab profile we do so with intention. We seek synergy in flavor as well as the function of the combined herbs.
Artemisia Qi Tonic
aromas of spring meadows, chrysanthemums, elegant green teas, tart citrus and a unique herbal sweetness
Item No.: OAQT100-RP
$25.00 Out of stock
Blackberry Shiso
savory and fruity blend with a beautiful, deep purple hue
Item No.: BLBSIT100-RP
Chilean Cranberry Citrus
sweet, sour, juicy, herbaceous, succulent fruits
Item No.: CCRANC100-RP
Houjicha Shiso
roasted barley, toasted almonds, herbaceous spice, warming ginger and uplifting mint
Pu'er Digestivo
warming spice and stimulating aromatic bitters with dark Pu’er
Item No.: OPDIG100-RP
Red Ginseng Iron Goddess Oolong
bright citrussy high notes, bittersweet, blossom nectar, fresh orange zest
Item No.: RGIGO100-RP
Shiso Lemon
Green plum wine, wild oregano, tarragon, citron and lemon
Item No.: SL100-RP
Strawberry Shiso
sumptuous and slightly spicy blend with a brilliant scarlet infusion
Item No.: STRSIT100-RP
Tulsi Chai
Exotic tulsi and cardamom create mystical high notes that perfectly complement grounding black tea and sarsaparilla.
Item No.: OTC250-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Tulsi Ginger
floral and spicy aromatic complexity, refreshing and calming adaptogenic function with a pronounced fruity sweetness
Yuzu Rosemary
fresh pine boughs, sweet citrus zest, floral blossom aromas
Item No.: OYUZRM100-RP
$30.00 Out of stock