Reasons to gift a Tea Assortment Gift Box


What better can you gift a tea lover other than a box of loose tea Sampler gift box set of five distinctive flavors? Imagine gifting the most exotic tea types that let them brew at least 10 cups of each – You’re pretty much going to make their day, won’t you?

The recipient could be fond of a green tea sampler, black tea sampler, or something else. But if he really loves tea, he’d love to taste more of its type.

Find out what to buy from The Indian Chai to make a tea lover happy by ordering this tea lover’s gift set before settling!

Why buy a loose tea sampler as a gift box?

This tea assortment box not only includes tasty Teas to buy but the tea gift set also has distinctive health benefits.

Check out the quick benefits that ensure that this tea lover’s gift set is an ideal buy:

  • It lets the tea lover taste five different tea types – Tulsi Good Sleep Tea, Rose Green Tea, Hibiscus Floral Tea, Licorice Zing Tea, and Digestive Herbal Green Tea.
  • It gives us several health benefits and cleanses our bodies.
  • Helps them add more to their tea stock to keep more beverages handy.
  • A useful gift that almost every Indian household will like and recommend.
  • Lets them sample different forms of tea and green tea so that they can repurchase the ones they like the most.
  • Allows you to offer five different tea types and makes the perfect gift set.

Gift Box

This Tea assortment box is much better than other green tea sampler or black tea samplers. At The Indian Chai, we have created blends using herbs that not only taste better but are beneficial to health also.

Gifting people can often become an overwhelming process, especially if you don’t know what they like. However, if you know that the recipient loves tea, the assorted tea sampler box can save your time.

Rather than looking through several gifting options online, and thinking about what they’d like or not, you should choose this. It will not only give them access to drink a different type of tea every day but also add to their collection. Apart from having something exotic to offer their guests, they’d be happy to try different flavors themselves.

Many tea lovers consume specific tea types for their health benefits. If you’d like someone to sample different flavors for their benefits, you’d consider the tea assortment box a smart option.

Why is gifting important?

Gifting is one of the easiest gestures to show a person that they matter. It shows that you’re thinking towards them and you notice their preferences. Planning to gift a box of assorted tea to someone who likes the beverage will express your emotional connection with them.

Gifts are not always exchanged during occasions. There are often times when we want to appreciate the existence of someone in our lives and give a gift to acknowledge that. It is a beautiful way to improve relationships and The Indian Chai does their best to help you fulfill that.

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