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Organic Black Tea - Loose Leaf

Organic Black Tea - Loose Leaf

Black teas are grown in all major tea regions, especially in India, Sri Lanka, China, Southeast Asia and Africa. This range of landscapes and growing climates for black tea creates a diverse collection of regional flavor profiles to explore.
China Breakfast
A full-bodied and smooth breakfast blend with hints of sweet caramel and spice
Item No.: OCB-OP
Chocolate Chai
Decadent cacao and creamy sarsaparilla with rich coconut and bittersweet dandelion root.
Item No.: OCMC-OP
Darjeeling First Flush Lingia EX2
orchid, lilac and Concord grape
Item No.: OLGAFFEX221100-RP
$40.00 Out of stock
Darjeeling First Flush Marybong DJ7
Tuberose, champagne grapes, slight Muscatel, orchid and jasmine with fruity confection notes and good tannin to balance
Item No.: OMBFFDJ721100-RP
Darjeeling First Flush Pussimbing DJ5
classic Muscatel, magnolia, wintergreen, Natal plum flowers and honey wine
Item No.: OPSSFFDJ521100-RP
$38.00 Out of stock
Darjeeling Second Flush Tumsong EX6
grape Muscatel, floral notes of iris and aromas of peach
Item No.: OTSFEX621100-RP


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Darjeeling Second Flush Chamong DJ70
luscious peach, floral
Item No.: OCSFDJ7021100-RP
Earl Grey
Smooth and lively with the unique citrusy, floral aroma of bergamot oranges
Item No.: OEG-QP
Earl Grey Lavender
Enchanting lavender perfectly complements the floral aromas and citrus notes of Earl Grey
Item No.: OEGL-OP
Earl Grey Supreme
Rich, smooth black tea with the lofty floral and citrusy high notes of Italian bergamot.
Item No.: OEGS-OP
English Breakfast
Lively, robust red cup with a brisk flavor and notes of dates and raisins.
Item No.: OEB-OP
Ruby #18 GABA
Camphor, wintergreen, cedar, clove, tangy sour note, some aroma of ripe pineapple in the later infusions
Item No.: GH1850-RP