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Tea Cakes & Vintage Pu'er

Tea Cakes & Vintage Pu'er

Our updated Garden Direct collection of teacakes and Pu'er is worthy of thoughtful study.
Ancient Mannong Sheng Pu'er Tea Cake Vintage 2007
Robust strength and briskness, with a profound sense of Hui Gan
Item No.: OASPCMS07125-RP
Shaihong Sun-Dried Red Tea Cake
Concord Grapes, Tuberose, Muscatel, Malty, Smooth Caramel Sweetness
Item No.: OSDBC21200-RP
Tangyan Burma Aged Moonlight White Tea Cake Vintage 2018
Cherry, sherry cask, honey, fine tobacco thick and sweet fermentation and sun drying taste
Item No.: MLWC18200-RP
Tangyan Burma Raw Tea Cake Vintage 2017
peat, pine resin, wild ginseng with slight aromatics of agar wood and sandalwood with an immensely strong Cha Qi. Slightly Smokey and peaty with “breakthrough the walls” strong Cha Qi, Bittersweet and aromatic woody notes
Item No.: MLPC17200-RP
Tangyan Burma Raw Tea Cake Vintage 2019
Petrichor, savory, bright and fresh energy with single multi-florals similar to classic Iris & Orchids “Zhi Lan Xiang” tea fragrance and some slight roast resonance
Item No.: MLPC19360-RP
Wa Shan Sheng Pu'er Cake Vintage 2018
corn silk, bitter orange blossom, artichoke
Item No.: OYPC200-RP
Wa Shan Shu Pu'er Loose Leaf Vintage 2018
Very smooth with notes of cacao and vanilla
Item No.: OWSP100-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Wa Shan Shu Pu'er Cake Vintage 2021
Smooth and silky with a deep fermentation taste and sweet, malty notes
Item No.: OWSSPC200-RP