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Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Gyokuro (“jade dew”) is a prestigious shade-grown green tea from Japan with less catechin (tea tannin), resulting in a smooth and almost oceanic cup of jade dewdrops.
Uji Shupin Gyokuro
rich umami dashi broth, oyster mushroom, tangy and sweet kombu with fruity and flowery notes
Item No.: USGYO50-RP
Uji Homare Gyokuro
The depth of umami and sweetness is finely balanced with this slight hika and freshness
Item No.: UHGYO50-RP
Hakuji Sekkai Hohin
Item No.: TP197
Genyu Hohin
Item No.: TP196
Porcelain Hohin
Item No.: TP177
Nishi San’s Organic Okumidori Gyokuro
Rich and sweet umami with floral Sakura and alpine herbal notes
Item No.: ONSGYOK50-RP
Tohei San's Gyokuro
Deep umami and rich flavor with notes of sweet hijiki preserve and slight salinity
Item No.: GTO50-RP
Omura San's Top Grade Gyokuro
full flavored and complex with salinity, richness of umami and a reverberating sweet and savory aftertaste. The notes of kombu dashi, top grade shiitake are deep and balanced the expression of Okabe mountain tea
Item No.: GOO50-RP
Maejima San's Gyokuro
Oceanic tasting notes balanced with minerality of fleur de sel, rich umami and is reminiscent of exotic mushroom consommé and bonito dashi
Item No.: GMO50-RP