Who dies in the next episode in Season Finale ofGame of Thrones

It’s highly likely the next death on Game of Thrones to be a Stark. Is it posible to know who will die on the season finale. In thi case, someone loved by the public…



Like we know, Azor Ahai is the champion sent by the Lord of Light to save humanity and Mislissandre can, o thinks that she can distinguish him in a crowd, and we also know that the true champion will have to make a love sacrifice by killing the he loves, and let’s not forget that she convinced Stannis to kill his own daughter. Can we, then, from this, get a conclusion? The character in question Sansa. To achieve victory in the final battle, Snow will have to end the life of the ones he loves, in this case, his half-sister (or not), who stands by him in this wartimes.