BREAKING: New Details About Gaga’s Halftime Performance Just Leaked and It Could Shake The Country

Lady Gaga’s Halftime performance is already shaping up to be a spectacle of sorts as new details about the event have emerged.

CBS Sports reported: Country star Luke Bryan will sing the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl, while Gaga will take to the world’s biggest stage for the halftime show, and since no one likes to do the Super Bowl halftime show alone, Gaga has invited Tony Bennett to join her.
That’s right, the 90-year-old crooner will be singing at the Super Bowl this year.
There was also a rumor that Beyonce might join Gaga for the halftime show since the Super Bowl is being played in Queen Bey’s hometown of Houston, however, Gaga shot that rumor down on Thursday.
“She’s always very inspiring and gives great advice, she’s a very focused and genuine performer,” Gaga said.
Gaga also added that she might take a few cues from Beyonce, but that the singer won’t be on stage with her.

One thing Gaga didn’t touch on is whether or not there will be drones flying around during her show. CNN has reported that Gaga is going to have “hundreds of lit-up drones” flying around the stadium for her show. The wild thing about that is that Gaga reportedly had to get FAA approval before she was allowed to move forward with her idea.