Beyoncé’s “Sorry” music video

On April 23rd, Beyoncé shocked the world with her sixth studio album titled “Lemonade”, a concept album that featured a variation of musical styles, from pop and rock to gospel and blues. The album track listing 13 songs had a music video for each one of them.

The lead single/video was Formtion, a homage to the black community and black womanhood. Now, she just uploaded the second vid of the album, “Sorry” on YouTube. It’s a black and white visual featuring spoken word poetry by Somali-English poet Warsan Shire, and we can see the popstar dancing along with a group of female dancers and a cameo appearance by famous tennis player Serena Williams. The song also features the infamous line “Becky with the good hair”, that caused the Internet to break down in search for the real Becky. The tune is a electro-pop song with lyrics that tell the story about a man’s betrayal to his partner.

Watch the video below: